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Authors: Martin L. and March L.
Reviewer: Camila Pinzon

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 Martin, L. March, L. (eds.) 1972. Urban Space and Structures. Cambrige, Cambrige Univeristy Press.
Urban space and structures


"The research carried out by Martin and March at the Centre for Land Use and Built Form Studies in Cambridge is an example of such a deductive, quantitative approach. Central to their work is the recognition of certain related factors, such as the land available, the buildings located on this land and the roads required to serve them." (Berghauser Pont, Haupt, 2009)


Martin and March carried out research about density within the Centre for Land Use and Built Form Studies at Cambridge. 

They classify built forms in three different types:  the pavilion or tower, the street, and the court. 

For the three different types, they study their built potential.


typology, urban form, grid, urban density, urban morpholoy
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