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GPS tracking provides information about the routes that people chooses through the city


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GPS tracking


GPS tracking is a method to track the trajectories of users of urban spaces by mapping the GPS information recorded by GPS devices, data from mobile phones or any other device that uses GPS. By analysing this data, conclusions about the use of open spaces, routing trough cities, congestion, etc. can be derived.


 "GPS is a system for global navigation and orientation. The system utilises a network of satellites in orbit. These satellites transmit precise microwave signals to earth. A GPS device has the ability to receive these signals and compute its position. At least four satellites are necessary in order to accurately determine a geographical position. The technology will give insight into the used route, the covered distance, the visited locations, the speed, the used mode of transportation, the exact departure and return times as well as the time spent on specific locations or destinations. The enhancement of GPS technology enables the use of GPS devices not only as navigation and orientation tools, but also as instruments used to capture travelled routes: as sensors that measure activity on a city scale or the regional scale." (Van der Spek, 2009)


routing, sensors, tracking, public space, mobility patterns
Brian Briangraham
03 juni 2021
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