Urban-Knowledge is an open platform dedicated to compile an innovative and effective system of methods and techniques for urban expertise through a knowledge platform.Our aims are:
  • The Urban-Knowledge platform wants to strengthen the expertise of the urban professionals and facilitate their learning and development paths by increasing their understanding skills on the applications of existing and innovative urban analysis methods.

  • We aim to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and experiences, stimulate substantive discussion related to urban analysis methods and the applications on concrete cases of these methods.

Our vision:The Urban-Knowledge Platform is the place where knowledge about cities becomes accessible, understandable, useful, usable and used.

We promote the platform because of its potential to deliver far-reaching societal benefits and sustainable approach to urban planning and governance, which include the following:

  • Better research facilities:for urban planning/design offices and urban professionals in general to reach the full benefits due to their experience of research methodologies, techniques and case studies;

  • Better understanding of the (pre)conditions of physical/spatial factors: to boost sustainable socio-economic performance and value capturing of cities and communities.

This platform is the result of the research project 'The Urban design office of the future'. The project took place in the Research centre 'The City' from the area of Technic at the University of Applied sciences of Amsterdam with the support of the Foundation Innovation Alliance SIA within the Regional Attention and Action for Knowledge circulation program.

The project took place in collaboration with the members of the consortium, formed by the Association of Dutch Urban Designers and Planners, the Kadaster (The Netherlands' Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency), Bouwfonds and the offices Soeters van Eldonk and BGSV. Urban Design and Planning offices have also been involved in the project.
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Project leader Peter G. de Bois
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Researchers Joris F. Dresen
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Technical support Jo Lahaye
Marcin Koziuk